Memorial White Rose

Having to plan a funeral or memorial is never easy. It's a sad, usually very stressful time and many aspects come into play. Families and loved ones want to get it perfect  I collaborate closely with  them to ensure the ceremony truly reflects the personality of the individual being honoured.

I will listen and be sensitive and responsive to client requests, to make sure the ceremony is respectful of their preferences and beliefs, whether they prefer a religious or secular ceremony.

I place careful attention to the personalisation of the ceremony experience and can help with suggestions for choosing music, readings, poems and rituals. Although, some clients have very firm ideas on what they would like (or what the deceased's wishes were), in which case, I will act as a facilitator, ensuring all of these requests are met.












Each ceremony is created to reflect the individuality of the person being honoured and will embody the richness of memories of their lifetime; it will stay clear of the emptiness of generic platitudes.

Initially, I will spend a couple of hours with the family to learn about the person being honoured.  This time can be helpful for the family as they share stories and consider options for the ceremony. I will get to know the deceased through your words, as well as the experiences and anecdotes that you share.

As the ceremony outline emerges, family members realize how they might contribute something to the ceremony or even participate during the ceremony.

You, as the family will have a sense of control over the and I will be totally led by your wishes and the wishes of the deceased.